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We help students discover and explore majors and careers.

We are located in Room 216, Plemmons Student Union.

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Monday - Thursday: 10 - 5pm or Friday: 10 - 12pm.

We can help if you are wondering:

Which major to declare? Double major or minor?

What you can do with a major in....?


  • CONTINUE to meet regularly with your general academic advisor if you are undeclared. If you declare a major, meet with your new departmental advisor.
  • VISIT the and take additional self assessments and explore majors and careers if you are undeclared.
  • JOIN a club and/or organization related to your major and interests.
  • UTILIZE volunteer.appstate.edu to identify local volunteer opportunities that are related to your major and interests.
  • UTILIZE careergear.appstate.edu to research internships.
  • DEVELOP your collegiate resume.
  • EXPLORE the internships website, internships.appstate.edu
  • ATTEND the Internship Fair and Leadership and Involvement Fair in January.
  • COMPLETE an informational interview and/or job shadow with 2 individuals.
  • SCHEDULE an appointment with your career counselor via careergear.appstate.edu to review your resume and discuss your career plans.
  • ATTEND an AppState, regional or national professional organization workshop and/or conference within your major.
  • UTILIZE careergear.appstate.edu to sign up for on campus interviews and search for jobs.
  • RESEARCH company and organization information for your field via Career Gear.
  • UPDATE resume to include internship, volunteer, leadership, involvement, part time work and professional organizations.
  • ATTEND Career Development Center information sessions, workshops and career fairs.
  • MAKE a list of references/professional contacts you have made through internships, volunteering, professional organizations, or part time jobs.
  • RESEARCH and conduct site visits to graduate programs.
  • TAKE graduate school admissions test (if applicable).
  • APPLY to graduate school (if applicable).

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